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  • Don't Become An Easy Target For Identity Theft Due To Your Shopping Habits
    If you are careful and make sure that your information is not easily accessible then you are not likely to have any problems. Most people are just too busy to make sure that their information is not available, but if you take a little time then it can reduce your chances of this happening greatly.One of the major things that many are careless about is giving out their credit card numbers. If you are ordering something in a place where...
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  • Net Neutrality Pits Google, eBay, and Amazon, Against Telcos
    As telephone and digital companies continue to grow through mergers and acquisitions, network (''net'') neutrality, has become a contested area of law in the United...
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  • Public Records FAQ
    Public RecordI've put together a sort of FAQ on public records. Here I'll answer some of the most common questions I get regarding public record....
    Article by: James Sonert
  • California DUI Lawyers; II
    Driving under the Influence (DUI) is a punishable offense in California. Even when you think you will never violate this law and drive while drunk,...
    Article by: Ken Marlborough
  • Used Car Lemon Laws
    Although most everyone is aware of the lemon law as it pertains to buying a new car, many consumers may be surprised, and relieved, to...
    Article by: Ray Walker
  • New Jersey Business Lawyers
    If you are planning on starting a new business, doing so without the guidance of legal counsel can be biggest mistake you can ever make....
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